Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christmas is just around the corner. Families are starting to fill their homes with holiday creations. This is a time for making another batch of memories with the kids. Below are some exciting and easy ideas for Christmas crafts that you can do with your children.

Yarn Ornaments

The kids can paint some pre-cut ornaments made of wood. Once these ornaments dry, let your kids wrap them up in colorful yarn. They can even decorate them with glitter and ribbons. Then, show them off by hanging them all around your home.

Christmas Candy Pots

Go to the craft store and get small flower pots. Get additional materials, such as pipe cleaners and googly eyes. You can create wonderful Christmas characters with them. Just let the kids use their imagination.

Stick Wreath

This is an easy Christmas craft project that you and your kids can make. You can use your stock of large and small craft or popsicle sticks for the wreath. Get a 12-inch foam wreath from the craft store. Glue the sticks to it. Use an overlapping design. You can use different shades of green to add some depth to the stick wreath. Then finish your design with a sparkly red ribbon.

Mistletoe Footprints

You can use the footprints of your kids for this project. Get some craft paper and washable paint. Once dry, cut out the footprints and hang them with your mistletoes.

Winter Ornaments

Get some popsicle sticks and paint them. Then, get some pictures of your kids and stick them on the painted popsicle sticks. You can also ask your kids to draw snowmen, snowflakes, or wreaths. Glue the drawings to the popsicle sticks. Decorate the windows with these ornaments.

Twig D├ęcor

Ask your kids to go outside with you and collect twigs. This could be an adventure! Once you get home. Glue the twigs as you and your kids create holiday shapes. You can decorate the shape with some thread wrapping and some holiday embroidery.

You do not need to create Christmas crafts by yourself. You can involve your kids. That way, you can fill your home with Christmas spirit and powerful memories with them. The mentioned craft ideas can help accomplish this.

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