Using Fountains to Create a Water Feature That Will Support Bees and Birds in Your Back Yard

Fountains can be a beautiful addition to your backyard, and they can also provide essential resources for wildlife, especially bees and birds. Here are the steps to create a water feature using fountains that will support these important creatures:

Choose the right location: Make sure the location you choose for your fountain has adequate sunlight and a level surface. Place the fountain near plants and trees to attract wildlife.

Decide on a design: Choose a fountain design that fits the style of your backyard and provides enough surface area for birds to drink and bathe in. Consider adding multiple levels or a large basin to provide more space for wildlife.

Install the fountain: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the fountain, making sure it is secure and level. You may need to add a liner or a retaining wall to prevent water from escaping the basin.

Add plants: Place plants and shrubs around the fountain to provide shelter and food for wildlife. Consider adding native plants that produce nectar and pollen for bees.

Provide a source of food: Place bird feeders near the fountain to attract birds and provide them with food. Make sure the feeders are clean and filled with fresh seed.

Keep the water clean: Regularly clean the fountain and the basin to prevent the buildup of algae, which can harm wildlife. Consider adding a fountain filter or aerator to keep the water clean and fresh.

Maintain the fountain: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain the fountain, keeping it running smoothly and safely.

By adding a backyard fountain, you can create a water feature that will support local bees and birds. The fountain will provide a source of water for drinking and bathing, and the surrounding plants and bird feeders will provide additional resources. With proper care and maintenance, your fountain can be a beautiful and functional part of your backyard ecosystem for years to come.

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