Best Way to Start Your Garden Early

There will still be quite a wait until you can fully use your spring garden. But if you want to start planting early, you can sow some seeds in the latter part of winter. You must have a strategy to make early gardening possible. Here are some pointers.

Protect What You Sow

Late winter is ideal for sowing. The ground is not frozen anymore by this time. You can choose to plant hardy vegetables like arugula, radishes, and winter lettuces. Make sure to cover the surface of the soil for at least one week before you start sowing. This will help the soil dry out and warm up. It can also prevent the seeds from rotting.

Use a Tunnel or Greenhouse

Some seeds germinate early. You should start them in a tunnel or greenhouse. Place them in seed cells, trays, or pots. Hardy plants like spinach, onions, and chard are good for this time. They will grow slowly but strong seedlings will come out in about two months.

In a greenhouse, you can put your plants in containers. Give them gentle heat so that they can germinate well. A heated propagator can help germinate seeds faster if your greenhouse has a supply of electricity.

Consider Indoor Sowing

Your seeds can benefit from a warm windowsill if you want to sow them inside your home. You can also use grow lights for quicker germination. Plants that love heat will thrive under grow lights. Salad plants love these lights.

It is important to not sow too early indoors. If you do, you will not have enough space for them when they grow bigger indoors. Remember that the last frost comes at different times in different areas of the world. That is why you must create a garden plan.

You can begin by using local weather stations to tell you when the last frost date will be. That way, you will know when to sow early. Sowing at the right time will allow you to prepare your greenhouse and indoor planters. Then you can determine when you can transfer the seedlings outside.

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