Can You Create Your Own Solar Power System?

Yes, you can! Clean energy sources are making their way into many homes and establishments. The fact that carbon emissions and greenhouse gases are killing our planet is now overwhelmingly clear to many people. Slowly, they are making a significant effort to make a change for the better. It may sound intimidating, but you can build your own solar power system. Here are the steps to do it.

Get the Components

Gather the basic components of your solar power unit. You will need a charge controller, an inverter, a battery pack, and solar panels. You will also need additional parts, such as an MC4 connector, a breaker, a meter, and fuses. Make sure that you read the solar panel instructions to be sure you have everything that you need.

Compute the Power Load That You Need

You should start calculating the power that your home needs. Start by noting the appliances that you use every day. Add in the hours these appliances run each day. Consult a specification chart for your appliances to see their power rating and run time. Multiply the run time of the appliance with its power rating to know the Watt-Hour. You will need to do this for each appliance. Add up your products and you get the total power load.

Choose and Charge Your Battery

The main issue with solar power is that it stops providing energy when the sun goes down. By using a battery, you can use the solar power you collected even when there is no sunlight available. Lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries can store solar power and then discharge it in the evening. A power controller can tell you the charge level of your battery.

Set Your Inverter

Your solar arrays produce the electricity you need in DC or direct current. Electrical appliances need AC or alternating current. An inverter allows you to use your electrical devices without using adaptors. A sine wave inverter will be the right one for your solar power system.

Place the Solar Panels on the Best Spot

Mount the solar panels. Choose the right spot for your solar power system. This could be an open area on the ground or your roof. It is important that these panels get a continuous supply of solar energy. Mounting stands are available on the market. You should also provide stands for your inverter and your battery.

Connect the Panels with the Battery

Connect the panels to your battery. You can create a connection series by connecting the positive terminal of one appliance with another’s negative terminal. A parallel connection will need you to connect the negative terminal of one appliance with the negative terminal of another.

You can create your own solar power system with the right materials and the right knowledge. Doing it correctly can save you a lot of money on electricity. A solar power system may take time and money to create but the benefits will reflect on your bank account and the environment.

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