Fall Gardening Chores- Things to Do to Keep the Garden in Good Shape for Spring

Fall and winter can expose your garden to various elements. This can make your spring gardening easier to start. Paying attention to the things that you need for your gardening can be a good start. Once you prepare them well, you can look forward to a healthy garden for spring. Below are some tips to consider to keep your garden in good shape for the warm, gardening months:

1. Prepare your garden tools.

Take out the tools that you have kept in storage during the cold months. Clean them with soap and water. Mineral spirits can prevent wooden handles from splintering.

2. Provide some care to your soil.

Turn your garden soil over and rake it. This will help you clear the grown weeds. Once the soil is clear, adding fresh compost can add more nutrients to it. You can buy store-bought compost if you do not make your own. Do this about two weeks before you start your spring garden. This will give your soil time to absorb the nutrients. Waiting this long will also prevent your new plant roots from burning.

3. Plan ahead.

Find out what vegetables and flowers will work best for your area. You can consult your local nursery for some recommendations. Planning what your spring garden will be like can keep the plants blooming throughout the season. You can mix some annuals with perineal flowers. This will make your garden more colorful longer. Choose plants with different heights but make sure they are grouped from short to tall. That way, the shorter plants will not get deprived of sunlight.

4. Maintain it.

Keep your garden in great shape from preparation until the end of spring. Deadhead once the flowers start blooming. This will depend on the species you have. Perform deadheading by cutting off the fading or drooping flowers from the healthy stem. Another thing to do is mulching, which keeps moisture in and holds down the weeds.

Preparing your spring garden can give you a healthy area to raise plants. If you do it right, you can have your blooms until the end of the season. It is always a good idea to be ready for planting season. Following the mentioned tips can be good for your summer garden as well.

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