How to Store Your Garden Seeds

The ultimate reward of gardening is not to buy seeds anymore because you get your own from your garden. You will come full circle as a gardener if this happens. Harvesting the seeds at the right time is not enough. You must know how to store them as well. Below are some pointers on how to do this the right way.

Begin By Having Dry Seeds

This is an important part of seed storage. Excessive moisture and heat are the two enemies of stored seeds. Waiting for them to dry first before harvesting them is the first right step to do. Make sure that the seeds are completely dry before you store them.

Provide the Best Conditions

You must secure airtight containers for your seed storage. Plastic, glass, or metal is ideal. Make sure you place your glass containers in a cloth casing to keep them safe even if you drop them.

If the products you buy have silica gel packets, save these packets. Add them to the containers before you put the seeds in them. You can also buy them. They do not cost much and they can help you store seeds for a long time. You can use them repeatedly as well.

Once you have the right containers, you can store your seeds in the freezer or refrigerator. The freezer has the best storage conditions. The refrigerator comes second. Air the seeds out on a table first before using your frozen or refrigerated seeds. This will prevent moisture from condensing on them.

Organize Your Storage System

Once you have your seeds, make sure you label them. Write their names and storage dates. The dates can help you determine which seeds you should plant first. You must use the older seeds first. The expired seeds must go to the compost pit.

Determine the Viability of Your Seeds

Seeds get old as well. They stay viable for at least one year. Storing them the right way can help your seeds gain longer viability. Below are the seeds that can last with the best storage conditions:

  • Seeds that last for one to two years:
    • sweet corn
    • okra
    • parsnip
    • onion
    • pepper
    • parsley
  • Seeds that last for three to four years:
    • watermelon

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