The Benefits of Vertical Gardening

Many people are considering vertical gardening. This type of gardening is common in urban areas and in homes with limited spaces. You can try vertical gardening and have the coolest garden on the block. But this gardening style is not only all about being unique. Below are more of the benefits you can get from it.

You Can Grow Plants in Non-traditional Spaces

Vertical gardening allows you to use spaces that you never thought you could use for gardening. Fences and walls are a couple of spaces that are ideal for vertical gardening. You can hang your vertical containers from your balcony, rooftop, or driveway.

You Can Grow More Plants in a Small Space

Growing vining plants on vertical supports can take up less space. It is better to have these plants in a vertical garden than have them scattered all over the ground. Having your plants in a vertical garden will allow you to have more plants in even small spaces.

You Can Prevent Plant Diseases

Vertical gardening keeps plants healthier by slowing down the spread of soilborne diseases. The vining plants you grow will not be prone to rotting because they are high above the ground.

Your Plants Are Easier to Maintain

Maintaining a vertical garden is easier than maintaining a traditional one. You do not need to worry about ground pests, diseases, and weeds.

You Gain More Privacy and Beauty

Having a vertical garden allows you to arrange your plants in such a way that they conceal your yard or even the interior of your home. If you have areas that you want to keep secret in your yard or create a natural partition in your home, vertical gardening is the key. The vertical plants act as colorful curtains. They add more beauty to your home this way.

You Get Natural Pest Repellents

Growing repellent plants can keep your home and yard free from biting or annoying insects. Mosquitoes, ticks, and flies tend to avoid plants that have irritating smells to them. If you place these plants in your vertical garden, you can surround your property with organic repellents and keep your household safe from disease-causing insects.

You Have Natural Air Filtration and Better Air Flow

Plants are natural air filters and oxygen providers. Surrounding your home with a vertical garden can take the impurities from the air and provide cleaner air.

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